back and re read the headline


Ok, just came back and re read the headline. An unconfirmed sighting could be supported by markings, prints and other things. They are the ones selling t shirts and other paraphenelia to the free wheeling libearls in the crowd. “It’s a very small town. Just a couple bars and other things,” Mary Litwheler, who with her husband is hosting Barnes on his visit, said of the Irish Hacketstown. He recalled getting a police escort into town, and seeing a “shrine” to the New Jersey town’s fire department with gifts including a helmet and axe..

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Occasionally you find white or pale pink berries, these have had little exposure to the sun and are from lower branches. As long as they are firm they are good to use with the others. A cup of whole fresh cranberries has only 46 calories and 1/4 cup dried sweetened cranberries has 123 calories..

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As I approached his booth, I noticed a package of cover the children’s’ eyes Twinkies sitting benignly on the shelf in his booth. “Why would a vendor selling organic health food products have a package of Twinkies on display?” I asked myself. So, being the curious soul I am, I asked, “What’s with the Twinkies”.

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Nick Cannon attends the 2017 MAXIM Hot 100 Party at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday, June 24, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)Officials at Georgian Court University, in Lakewood, say Cannon disregarded the terms of his contract and “crossed the line” with offensive words that do not represent the school’s core values, The Asbury Park Press reported.”I’m sorry your university doesn’t believe in freedom of speech!!!” responded Cannon on Tuesday via Twitter.Cannon was asked “to avoid vulgarity and explicit sexual content” because Saturday’s show was expected to draw older alumni, university President Joseph Marbach said in a statement.Marbach acknowledged the role comedy plays in conversations about social issues, but disagreed with the content of Cannon’s performance.”While comedy often explores serious social issues in ways that are fun and thought provoking, Mr. Cannon’s act crossed the line.

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